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Airbus Screen Saver for Windows

These programs are copyrighted by AIRBUS S.A.S., Toulouse, France but may be distributed as freeware. However, the sceneries are copyrighted by the contributors (their names are stated with the files if applicable unless it is Jürgen Kornstädt or myself).

This is *** NOT *** an official Airbus Web Page.

This page is neither supported nor sponsored by AIRBUS or any of its partners. Please do not e-mail me for any Airbus gifts or souvenirs. For that kind of requests, please refer to the AIRBUS Website. Thanks.

Flying Airbus Screen Saver

This screen saver offers several landscape or art images as background graphics with Airbus planes flying across the screen.

The file aisaver.exe is self-extracting. Please unpack it to a free subdirectory. After extraction, run setup.exe from within Windows from the path you extracted the screen saver to for installation.

There are 2 different versions available, depending on your Windows version:

Version 8.0

This program is multilingual (English, German and French) and allows to play sounds (.wav files) during the crossing of the screen. For this, it is necessary to download the Soundpack of Airbus Industrie (878,154 Bytes) and to copy the .wav files in the \aisaver directory after installation of the Screen Saver. The sounds are activated by Windows control panel/desktop/screen saver settings. By the way, the sounds originate from Airbus Ground Test in Toulouse. :-)

Version 8.0 now finally includes the Airbus Cockpit Screen Saver with the Flying Airbus Screen Saver, as demanded by many enthousiastic users !!! For this reason, the "old" Cockpit Screen Saver is not available from here any more.
The cockpit option lets you view out of Airbus cockpits with Airbus planes flying, crossing your flight path.

This version runs fine with Windows 3.1, WfW, Windows 95 and NT. As an additional feature, it also includes a world time clock. How to configure it correctly, please refer to the ssairbus.wri file included.

Download the Flying Airbus Screen Saver 8.0 (1,307,734 Bytes) now !!!

Version 11.4

Version 11.4 offers the same features as 8.0 but it is designed as 32bit version for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP. In addition it has some new features, e.g. it is now possible to specify two source directories, from which the aircraft and backgrounds are selected randomly. This makes sense e.g. if you only have a minimum installation on your hard disk and have most of the sceneries on CD. This now runs well even if the CD is temporarily not in your drive. It also supports JPEG format for background images now in addition to the proprietary one of 8.0 which makes adding own scenery easier.

If you want to play sounds when aircraft are crossing the screen, you also need to download the Soundpack (878,154 Bytes) and to copy the .wav files in the \aisaver directory after installation of the Screen Saver.

I only offer version 11.4 for download here as a backup. The author of the software now has his own web site, there may be a new release I am not immediately aware of. So please check out Jürgen Kornstädt's homepage - there are also some sceneries available for download. As the reliability of his server may be degraded during peak hours, you can also download the Flying Airbus Screen Saver 11.4 (1,674,821 Bytes) here.

You also need the VBRUN60SP5.EXE library which comes automatically with newer Windows versions. Should it not be installed on your computer, you can download it here (1,044,168 Bytes).

For the cockpit views, you need the Cockpit-Pack (1,164,554 Bytes) in addition (applicable for both versions). Just download it, unpack it and copy the files in your \aisaver directory.

There is also a new Cockpit-Pack available which contains files in the new high-quality format supported by version 11 (or later). Just download it (3,607,220 Bytes), unpack it and copy the files in your \aisaver directory.

The Airbus Screen Saver for Windows has been downloaded as many times since April 1st, 1996:

Scenery Packs

There are also lots of additional background graphics and aircrafts with customer paintings available, over 2,500 files with ca. 270 megs of data. There are already some in the Flying Airbus Screen Saver package, but if you want more, then

click here !!!

We need your pictures !!!

Should you have some nice land- or cityscape pictures from your home area or from last holidays and feel that they might look great with an aircraft flying across it, please feel free to e-mail them to me !!! The images should be in JPEG format with a minimum size of 640x480 (better are 800x600 or 1024x768). One major condition is that you are the copyright owner of those pictures. If you have shot them yourself, this is generally the case. I reserve the right to decide if any and which of of the received pictures are converted into sceneries and are published (pictures of bad quality or unsuitable motifs according to my humble opinion will not be used). Of course you will keep full copyright of the sent pictures, you only agree on by sending them that they may be used and distributed free of charge as sceneries for the Airbus Screen Saver. In the case of use and distribution free of charge as Airbus Screen Saver Sceneries you renounce royalties of any kind. Of course your name will be mentioned on my website in relation with the relevant Scenery Pack (except the case you do not want it, then please let me know).

Special Offer

Should you prefer not to download all the stuff (it's over 270 megs), you can order it with me on CD ROM. The cost for one CD is at € 5 shipped within Germany, € 7 or £ 5 within Europe, and worldwide € 15 or US$ 15 by air mail (takes 1-2 weeks) or € 10/US$ 10 by surface mail (takes 6-8 weeks). Please note that I don't make any profit with this service, this is just to cover the costs for the CD-R and shipping & handling. If you are interested, please contact me by e-mail for further details.

Screen Saver Tools

You may download an additional toolpack (60,767 bytes) for the screen saver. With this you can add your own subtitles to self-created background scenery etc. But these tools are developped for internal use only and ARE PROVIDED AS IS. ANY SUPPORT AND LIABILITY ARE EXCLUDED AND WILL NOT BE GRANTED. WITH THE DOWNLOAD YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS. ANY INQIRIES CONCERNING THIS TOOLPACK WILL BE IGNORED !!!

For any questions or comments concerning download and installation, please send me an e-mail. For questions about any technical details, especially problems running it (troubleshooting), please contact Jürgen Kornstädt, the programmer of the software.

By the way, I don't maintain a mailing-list about updates to this site due to the workload related to that. If you wish to be automatically notified about changes for free, please register for this site with Netmind.

When booking a flight, always ask for an Airbus to be the carrying aircraft.

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